WEI Retreat Tianmu Lake, Archilier Architecture is pleased to announce the opening of the first WEI Resort on April 1. Located just outside of Liyang City in Jiangsu province, this exclusive 35-room luxury boutique hotel occupies a small peninsula jutting into beautiful Tianmu Lake in the mountainous lake region west of Shanghai. Sheltered by local topography, it is a serene and private getaway for the discerning few. A harmonious blend of modern style and traditional Chinese architecture is manifested in garden courtyards, white plaster and gray tile walls, rich wood detailing, broad overhanging eaves, and cascading clay tile roofs that reference the layered mountain ranges encircling the lake. The architecture of this award winning building was designed by Archilier Architecture and its elegant interiors was designed by CCD with landscape design by Gardening-landscaping Construction Co.,ltd. The executive architect is Shanghai Institute of Architectural Design & Research Co.,ltd.